WBF2024 London Program Formats

The International Business Festival is set to be bolder, with a variety of elements designed to allow attendees from around the world to build business connections and share ideas.

Explore WBF2024 Event Formats

The World Business Festival offers different programming formats that empower attendees to learn, discover, and connect. Make the most of your experience by understanding which of these formats will work best for achieving your creative and career-enhancing goals. Got questions about sessions? Email us at contact@worldlawalliance.com

Innovations / Future Trends

Thinking about the future and predicting what will happen next encourages us to take action and responsibility now. At WBF2024 London, futurists and  predictors will take the stage to really give us insight on it all.

Peek into the future of law practice, legal tech, corporate legal departments and how our business and culture evolves around this change. 

Short Forms

Short solo presentations featuring the wisdom and experience and focused on a very specific topic. Session time ranges from 5-15 minutes.


Keynotes are some of the world’s most inspired thinkers and speakers, covering a wide range of compelling topics.

These powerful presentations by diverse visionaries from the worlds of business, professional services, law and governance are the center of the WBF2024 London Conference.

Presentations & Panels

The vast majority of our Presentation and PANEL program is sourced via run up to WBF2024 London virtual events.

Presentations include one to two experts offering deep dives into targeted topics.

Panels feature between three and four industry professionals sharing different perspectives and opinions based on a specific subject, making for a lively conversation. These sessions are 60 minutes in length.

Book Readings / Signings

Sessions focusing on the launch of a new book, giving the author and audience a chance to explore the themes or motifs present in their work.

These are a great way for both first-time and returning authors to showcase their latest title to a diverse audience.


Meet Ups are a more relaxed way to connect, seek out inspiration, and find collaboration opportunities across a wide range of industries, interests and groups.

Industry Sessions

Deep dive sessions with more hands-on learning activities and specific takeaways for professional growth and development. 

Advance sign-up is required.

Featured Sessions

Mind-expanding presentations by industry leaders.

Spanning various themes, trends, and Conference Tracks at WBF2024 London, Featured Speakers present a snapshot of the most transformative ideas shaping our future.



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