What’s on the Agenda

  • IP and Innovation: Driving Economic Growth
  • AI, Blockchain, and IP: Navigating the Digital Frontier
  • Startups and IP: Strategies for Success
  • Cross-Border IP Protection and Enforcement
  • Open Innovation and IP Management
  • IP Challenges in Emerging Markets
  • IP in the Age of Data and Digitalization
  • Arbitration vs. Litigation: Pros and Cons in International Disputes
  • Navigating Cultural and Legal Differences in Cross-Border Disputes
  • Enforcing Arbitral Awards in Different Jurisdictions
  • Mediation in International Commercial Disputes: A Path to Amicable Resolution
  • Investor-State Disputes and Investment Arbitration
  • Technology and Innovation in Dispute Resolution
  • Managing Multi-Jurisdictional Class Actions and Collective Redress
  • Ethical Considerations in International Arbitration and Mediation
  • AI and Machine Learning in Legal Services
  • Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts in Law
  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy in the Legal Sphere
  • Automation and Robotics in Legal Processes
  • Legal Analytics and Predictive Technology
  • Virtual Law Firms and Remote Legal Services
  • The Blockchain Revolution: Reshaping Finance and Beyond
  • Fintech Disruptions: Embracing Digital Transformation in Finance
  • Blockchain Interoperability and Scalability
  • Cybersecurity and Trust in the Fintech Era
  • RegTech and Compliance in a Blockchain-Powered World
  • The Role of AI and IoT in Fintech and Blockchain
  • Taxation in the Digital Economy: BEPS and Beyond
  • Transfer Pricing and Multinational Tax Planning
  • Cross-Border Tax Disputes and Controversies
  • Tax Implications of E-commerce and Remote Workforce
  • International Tax Treaties and Tax Policy Developments
  • Managing Tax Risks in Global Supply Chains
  • Managing Business Immigration in a Globalized World
  • International Talent Mobility and Immigration Trends
  • Family-Based Immigration: Reuniting Across Borders
  • Investment-Based Immigration Programs: EB-5 and Beyond
  • Navigating Dual Citizenship and Nationality Laws
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Challenges and Solutions

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