Volunteer Opportunities

Gain meaningful, practical work and professional development opportunities around the WBF2024 LONDON

We are accepting applications for Volunteers to assist in a variety of tactical, marketing, outreach, content, design, tech and logistics to contribute towards the grand success of WBF2024 LONDON.

We look to build a strong volunteer team to work dedicated shifts in 100+ countries and support the global ambition of the World Law Alliance through its events. 

Who can Volunteer?

  • Full time and part time college students 
  • Unemployed 
  • Under-employed
  • Employed attending the conference at their own expense

Language Requirement

English fluency required. Fluency in other languages is helpful and encouraged but not required. All official conference programming is in English.

What is expected from a Volunteer

As a volunteer, you’ll be expected to be available throughout the entire conference  and contribute around 15 to 20 hours of service during that time. 

You’ll also be responsible for any travel and accommodation costs to, during and from the conference. 

In addition, you will need to pay for any food not covered as part of the conference (we provide breakfast and lunch daily). We can help you find a roommate to reduce your accommodation fees.

Volunteers must be eligible to work in their respective countries and roles. 

Time Requirement

Interns will also anticipate several phone calls, required reading, and other small assignments remotely in the two months prior to the conference.  

During the conference and a few days before, volunteers should anticipate being on site and working 7:00 am – 8:00 pm with breaks during the conference days. 

What does the WLA offer?

In return, you will receive discounted conference registration (which includes receptions and meals) and a volunteer kit. 

Benefits and Compensation

We offer Volunteers benefits that come to them on the basis of their involvement, skills deliverables and dedication for the projects once their roles, responsibilities and duties are defined. 

Any of the below given benefits can be part of the package. 

  1. Certificate and letter of recommendation. 
  2. A modest stipend and access to discounted hotel rates. 
  3. A recommendation letter from WLA. 
  4. Limited free or discounted access to conference sessions and events.
  5. Exclusive networking opportunities with professionals in the field.


Roles, Responsibilities and Duties

Community Outreach Lead

In this role you will be reaching out to local legal, business and other communities to join, participate and buy tickets for the WBF2024 LONDON Global Conference.  

Virtual Experience Host

In this role you will be helping us to enhance the virtual experience by bringing, coordinating or managing fun activities at the Global Conference, examples are meditation, yoga, trivia night, music, fun games and other potential activities. 

Online Session Monitoring & Facilitator

In this role you will be joining selected talks, welcoming the speakers in the chat (not on camera), researching about their background, preparing questions and interacting with the speaker/audience before (on social media) and during the event as well as reporting potential issues to the support team. 

Session Moderator & Audience Engagement

In this role you will be welcoming speakers on camera, introducing speakers, engaging with participants, encouraging them to ask questions, researching the topics and preparing questions yourself, supporting with potential technical issues. Previous experience as a panel, session or fireside chat moderator is required. 

Program Chair

In this role you will be actively encouraging experts in your area of expertise to apply as a speaker for the Global Conference, review session applications and outline the agenda together with other chairs. Previous experience as a program chair, jury, panel host, conference organizer or similar is required and seniority in your field of work is a must. 

Social Media Advocate

In this role you will be supporting our social media team by engaging with content on a weekly basis and inspiring others to join the community by re-sharing, commenting, tagging, creating posts and posting stories. 

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