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Align your brand with WBF at the highest level for the greatest impact and visibility leading up to, throughout, and following the WBF Conference & Festivals.

WBF brings the legal, technology and business communities together to collaborate, learn and unlock new opportunities.

Marketers, Presenters, Sponsors and Exhibitors at the show take advantage of a truly unique gathering of the best and brightest buyers, innovators and leaders.

Attendees will come from over 40 countries  to experience WBF London. Our team spends the entire year painstakingly curating every element of the event ensuring a unique, profitable and unforgettable experience.

A multitude of Sponsorships, Exhibitions, Digital Advertising, and Custom Opportunities offer the perfect marketing solution to help your business achieve its goals.

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Achieve the greatest marketing impact possible

Super Sponsorship / KEY PARTNER

A Super Sponsorship delivers the highest visibility possible, the deepest integration opportunities, and provides seamless promotional exposure by aligning your brand with WBF2024 London as a top promotional partner across the entire event.

Hone in on your target audience

Gold and Silver Sponsorship positions

Gold and Silver Sponsorship positions your brand to have maximum exposure and engagement opportunities throughout the duration of WBF2024 London Conference as well as inclusion in WBF2024 London’s season-long promotional campaign.

Make a splash with uniquely customized programs.

High Profile Programs

WBF2024 London offers a handful of focused opportunities that give your brand visibility in interesting and effective directions while aligning your brand’s marketing objectives with highly targeted WBF2024 London opportunities.


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