General Conditions


All cancellations will be subject to a 50% deduction and will have to be sent in writing, to be received by the World Law Alliance no later than 120 days before the event date 

No refund will be made for cancellations within 120 days.


Anyone who requires a visa invitation letter in order to attend the conference should register and pay their registration fees to ensure there is enough time to obtain a visa.


All registrations received by the WLA along with the full payment of fees corresponding to the events selected will be confirmed in writing.

WLA reserves the right to cancel or postpone the conference to a later date, change the conference venue and/or program, make any corrections or modifications in the information published in the conference program and cancel any invitation to participate in the conference, at any time and at their entire discretion, without having to provide any reasons for the same.

Neither WLA, nor any of its managers, employees, agents, members or representatives shall be held responsible for any loss or damage, of any nature, suffered (directly or indirectly) by a delegate, accompanying person or a third party following any cancellations, changes, postponements or modifications.

WLA strongly advises participants to subscribe to modifiable and/or refundable services, as well as to take out cancellation insurance.

Neither WLA, nor any of its managers, employees, agents, members or representatives shall be held responsible for any loss or damage, of any nature whatsoever, suffered (directly or indirectly) by a delegate or accompanying person.

The contractual relations between WLA and each participant (delegate, speaker or accompanying person) in relation to the conference are subject to Indian law and jurisdiction, to the exclusion of any other law. New Delhi is the city of jurisdiction.


It is the responsibility of participants to ensure compliance with police, customs and health formalities for their journey. Participants unable to take part in the conference because of their inability to take a flight or any other means of transportation due to being unable to provide the documents required (passport, visa, vaccination certificate, etc.) cannot claim any reimbursement.


“Force majeure” means any events external to the parties, of both an unforeseeable and insurmountable nature that prevents either the client or the participants, or the agency or service providers involved in organizing the conference, from executing all or part of the obligations provided for in the present agreement. By express agreement, such will be the case in the event of a strike affecting the means of transport, hotel staff, air traffic controllers, an insurrection, a riot or any prohibition whatsoever decreed by governmental or public authorities.

It is expressly agreed that for the parties, a case of force majeure would suspend the execution of their reciprocal obligations. At the same time, each of the parties shall bear the burden of all the expenses incumbent upon them, resulting from the case of force majeure.


The organizers decline any responsibility in case of any health problems existing prior to the conference that may lead to complications or be aggravated during the entire period of the stay: pregnancy, cardio-vascular problems, any allergies, special diets, any disorders under treatment and not yet consolidated on the day the conference starts, psychic or mental or depressive illness, etc. (Non exhaustive list).



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